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Is this the gamechanger we’ve been waiting for in craniosynostosis?

One of our every 2,500 infants born in the United States will suffer from craniosynostosis — a craniofacial defect caused by the premature fusion of the different bones that comprise the human skull.

In a typically developing infant, these bones are separated by fibrous joints (think: “soft spots”) that allow for the skull’s continuing expansion as the brain grows.
When an infant develops craniosynostosis, the brain continues to grow while the skull does not, causing anything from a misshapen skull (in mild cases) to development delays, hearing loss, blindness and even death (in more severe cases).

Until now, the standard treatment has …



Students from USC’s Master of Science in Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine

Students share their experiences in USC’s Master of Science in Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine degree program. The one-year program with an optional second research year offers courses in cutting-edge biomedical science, including developmental biology, human embryology, regenerative medicine and the translational and therapeutic aspects of stem cell technology.

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