New NIH funding opportunity in regenerative medicine

Pink test tube (Photo by Chris Shinn)
(Photo by Chris Shinn)

Title: Improvement of Animal Models for Stem Cell-Based Regenerative Medicine

Funding number: R21: PAR-13-115               R01: PAR-13-114                R24: PAR-13-113

Letter of Intent Receipt Date: none

Application Receipt Date: R21: June 16     R01: March 5     R24: May 25

# of Awards/Funds Available: R21: multiple, $275,000 R01: multiple, not limited         R24: multiple, not limited

Description: This FOA encourages applications proposing research aimed at characterizing animal stem cells and improving existing, and creating new, animal models for human disease conditions.  The intent of this initiative is to facilitate the use of stem cell-based therapies for regenerative medicine.

The initiative focuses on the following areas: 1) comparative analysis of animal and human stem cells to provide information for selection of the most predictive and informative model systems; 2) development of new technologies for stem cell characterization and transplantation; and 3) improvement of animal disease models for stem cell-based therapeutic applications.

Eligibility Restrictions: none

Announcement Link: R21: