Founding Supporters and Ambassadors

motor neurons derived from ALS patientFounding supporters and ambassadors for Stem Cell Research at USC are leaders and visionaries who play a pivotal role in fulfilling our mission of revolutionizing regenerative medicine.

This network of diverse business entrepreneurs, financial managers, philanthropists, medical professionals and patient advocates are promoters of innovation, transformational research and discovery, and advanced personalized patient care.

  • Annenberg Foundation
  • Mike and Kathy Armistead
  • Donald E. and Delia B. Baxter Foundation
  • Paul and Marie Bloch
  • Albert and Elaine Borchard Foundation
  • Eli and Edythe Broad
  • California Institute for Regenerative Medicine
  • Joyce J. Cammilleri Family
  • The Chang Family
  • Yong Chen and the Zhongmei Group
  • The Choi Family
  • Larry and Paulette Cohen
  • Ann and John Doerr
  • The Margaret E. Early Medical Research Trust
  • Eshaghpour Family Foundation
  • Christopher Essay Trust
  • A. P. Giannini Foundation
  • Jeffrey and Johanna Gunter
  • Havner Family Foundation
  • The Hearst Foundations
  • Cynthia and Vincent Hung
  • George and Shirley Isaacs
  • W. M. Keck Foundation
  • Robert N. Klein and Danielle Guttman Klein
  • Edward and Edit Komberg
  • The Merkin Family Foundation
  • Margaret Morschl Trust
  • Muscular Dystrophy Association
  • New York Stem Cell Foundation
  • George Scalise, Sr.
  • Elisa and Michael Schenkman
  • H. Russell Smith Foundation
  • Audrey E. Streedain Trust
  • Min Zhou/Anhui Kedgene Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
  • Harry Zimmerman