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Scholarships create better health: Dentistry student Julia Raulino Lima in Jian Xu’s lab

The Lindström lab is hiring

The Ichida Lab is hiring

Artificial Kidney Project

The Lozito lab is hiring

The McMahon Lab is hiring

The Almada Lab is hiring

USC’s minor in stem cell biology and regenerative medicine

The Crump Lab is hiring

Research in 60 seconds: Creating a synthetic kidney with USC scientist Zhongwei Li

The Li Lab is hiring

The Lu Lab is hiring

Meet USC Stem Cell faculty member Yulia Shwartz

The Shwartz Lab is hiring

USC stem cell master’s program alumnus Tianli “Sheldon” Ding: Science saved his life at 21, and now this Trojan is on a mission

How to Discover New Drugs: The Choi Family Therapeutic Screening Facility at USC Stem Cell

How to Visualize Cells: The Optical Imaging Facility at USC Stem Cell

How to Sort Cells: The Flow Cytometry Facility at USC Stem Cell

Meet USC faculty member Jianfu (Jeff) Chen

Tom Lozito: Lessons from Lizard Tails