EiHS graduation (photo by Graham Clark Stecklein)

Local high school students graduate from USC’s summer stem cell program

Enthusiastic is the word to best describe the students from this year’s USC’s Early Investigator High School (EiHS) Stem Cell Research Program. Ten students graduated from the summer laboratory immersion program at …

Senta Georgia and Neil Segil (Photo by Cristy Lytal/courtesy of Neil Segil)

New USC course follows human development from stem cells to sternum

What don’t we know about human development, and what can go wrong? By focusing on these two big questions, a new 2-unit fall course will provide USC undergraduates with the opportunity to …

From left to right, a red blood cell, a platelet and a white blood cell (Public domain image courtesy of the Electron Microscopy Facility at The National Cancer Institute at Frederick)

USC Stem Cell researchers poke around for blood genes

Even though the transplantation of blood stem cells, also known as bone marrow, has saved many lives over many decades, the genes that control the number or function of blood stem cells …

Staining of slow-cycling sweat gland cells (green) with the protein laminin (red) and the fluorescent stain DAPI (blue) (Image by Yvonne Leung)

USC researcher learns how to break a sweat

Without sweat, we would overheat and die. In a recent paper in the journal Public Library of Science One (PLOS ONE), USC faculty member Krzysztof Kobielak and a team of researchers explored …

J. Jean Cui, PhD, tells the tale of the cancer therapeutic Xalkori. (Photo by Cristy Lytal)

Pfizer’s J. Jean Cui explains modern drug discovery

Only five percent of potential cancer drugs make it from phase I clinical trail to FDA approval, but J. Jean Cui, PhD, associate research fellow at Pfizer, beat the odds. Cui visited …

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