Laura Perin (left) and Stefano Da Sacco (Image courtesy of CHLA)

Study offers new insights into how the most common kidney cancer starts in kids

Researchers at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles found new clues to how disruption of the early process of kidney formation may be linked to the development of Wilms tumor — also known as …

Left to right: Roger De Filippo, MD, Stefano Da Sacco, PhD, Laura Perin, PhD (Image courtesy of CHLA)

Podocyte protectors: NIH awards CHLA’s GOFARR Laboratory additional grants to combat chronic childhood kidney disease

In children with progressive chronic kidney disease (CKD), loss of kidney function is for the most part irreversible. “The glomerulus is where the kidney filters the blood,” says Laura Perin, PhD, co-Director …

Stefano Da Sacco, PhD