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USC Stem Cell incubator

The University of Southern California has designed a unique “incubator” for scientists, engineers and clinicians to collaborate across disciplines and leverage the transformative power of stem cells to develop the future of regenerative medicine. The USC Stem Cell incubator trains the next generation of scientists through a dedicated PhD program and first-of-its-kind master’s degree, and …

Disease modeling: Breast cancer in the lab of USC Stem Cell scientist Min Yu

Min Yu is capturing circulating tumor cells from the bloodstreams of breast cancer patients, and growing and studying them in the laboratory. This enables her lab to gain new insights into cancer and to work towards developing less invasive biopsies and more effective treatments for patients.

Meet Ebony Flowers, Researcher at USC Stem Cell and Broad Fellow

Ebony Flowers, the newest Choi Family Postdoctoral Fellow, studies breast cancer metastasis with the goal of finding better treatments for patients.

Meet Oihana Iriondo, USC Stem Cell Researcher and Broad Fellow

Oihana Iriondo, the newest Broad Postdoctoral Fellow, studies breast cancer metastasis with the goal of finding better treatments for patients.

How to do a clinical fellowship: Advice from USC Stem Cell clinical fellow Abigail Zamora

Abigail Zamora, a clinical fellow at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, gives advice about becoming a doctor who does research. To learn more, visit

How to do a postdoc: Advice from USC Stem Cell postdoc Jorge Contreras

Postdoc Jorge Contreras gives advice about postdoctoral training. To learn more, visit

All about egg freezing: A Q&A with Dr. Richard J. Paulson, USC Fertility

You can’t freeze time, but you can freeze your eggs. In this Q&A, Richard J. Paulson, USC stem cell scientist and fertility doctor, discusses the current stage of fertility preservation.

Scott E. Fraser: The world’s smallest movie studio

The Translational Imaging Center is not Universal Studios, but it employs custom lights (lasers), cameras and wardrobe (contrast dyes) all to get its mercurial stars (the zebrafish) to perform on cue. The final product: some of the most remarkable motion pictures in science: watching a memory form, real time, in a living brain.

Meet USC Stem Cell scientist and former professional volleyball player Leonardo Morsut

USC Stem Cell scientist and former professional volleyball player Leonardo Morsut has built a synthetic cellular communication system known as “synNotch.” This system could enable scientists to direct the behavior of cells in useful ways—ranging from killing cancer to regenerating the body after injury.

USC scientist Rong Lu studies how stem cells work together

USC Stem Cell scientist Rong Lu studies two general questions: how do individual stem cells differ from each other? And second, how do different stem cells work together to maintain proper tissue size and function? Her lab studies these questions in blood-forming stem cells with the goal of controlling tissue regeneration and improving the therapeutic …

Doerr Stem Cell Challenge Grants: heart regeneration and cell migration

Just as there are times when two heads are better than one, there are times when two labs are better than one. Thanks to the new Doerr Stem Cell Challenge Grants, teams of postdoctoral researchers from different USC labs have received up to $10,000 in funding to pursue interdisciplinary one-year projects. Two teams used the …

A fasting-mimicking diet reduces disease risk factors in humans and reverses diabetes in mice

Two new studies from Valter Longo indicate that a brief fasting- mimicking diet done periodically reduces disease risk factors and may reverse diseases like diabetes by promoting regeneration.

USC Stem Cell junior faculty

Meet four junior faculty members from USC Stem Cell. Dr. Megan McCain is engineering stem cell-derived “organ on a chip” models of human heart disease. Dr. Min Yu is developing approaches to target circulating tumor cells to halt the spread of breast cancer. Dr. Joseph T. Rodgers is uncovering signaling networks that coordinate muscle stem …

White board: clinical trials 101

When you get sick, do you ever wonder where medicines come from? In four minutes, this ‘Clinical Trials 101’ Whiteboard will show you how stem cell therapies go from the lab, all the way to treating actual patients. We’re proud to partner with the International Society for Stem Cell Research on this Whiteboard video.

Scientists Qi-Long Ying and Austin Smith win the 2016 McEwen Award for Innovation

Researchers Qi-Long Ying from USC and Austin Smith from the University of Cambridge have won the 2016 McEwen Award for Innovation, the highest honor bestowed by the International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR). Supported by the McEwen Centre for Regenerative Medicine, the award recognizes groundbreaking stem cell discoveries that open new avenues of exploration …

Stem cell research and regenerative medicine at USC

At USC, world-class scientists are harnessing the power of stem cell biology to treat neurodegeneration; hearing loss; blood, heart and kidney disease; osteoarthritis and bone fractures; cancer; and many other health conditions.

Rong Lu and Min Yu join stem cell research team at the Keck School of Medicine of USC

Rong Lu and Min Yu, assistant professors in the Department of Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine at the Keck School of Medicine of USC, discuss their research at the Eli and Edythe Broad CIRM Center for Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Research at USC.

Rob Maxson – CIRM Stem Cell #SciencePitch Challenge

University of Southern California professor Rob Maxon tackles the CIRM elevator pitch challenge: Just 30 seconds to describe his work with stem cell research.

Qi-Long Ying – Stem Cell #SciencePitch Challenge

For the CIRM Stem Cell Elevator Pitch Challenge, University of Southern California professor Qilong Ying explains his stem cell research in just 30 seconds.

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