Heinz-Josef Lenz (Photo courtesy of Heinz-Josef Lenz)

Heinz-Josef Lenz is first recipient of endowed chair honoring J. Terrence Lanni

The ceremony installing the J. Terrence Lanni Chair in Cancer Research was one of heartfelt tributes for two men, a doctor and a patient, who formed a tight bond over the years …

Circulating tumor cells (Image courtesy of Min Yu)

Min Yu and Heinz-Josef Lenz seek to stop cancer in its tracks

Heinz-Josef Lenz and Min Yu both know that a cancer cell in motion doesn’t stay in motion. It comes to rest and spreads cancer. After detaching from the primary tumor and traveling …

Heinz-Josef Lenz (Photo courtesy of Heinz-Josef Lenz)

Dhont Family Foundation invigorates USC colon cancer research

Colon cancer research at USC received a boost from the Southern California-based Dhont Family Foundation, as the foundation renewed its commitment of its $1 million gift to fund Heinz-Josef Lenz’s research in …

Stem cell (Creative Commons image by Reuters)

NIH grants spur new stem cell research in the Department of Medicine

Cutbacks in National Institutes of Health (NIH) funding have made the climate for new research challenging. Three studies from investigators in the Department of Medicine at the Keck School of Medicine of …

Cancer cells (Image courtesy of Creative Commons)

USC researchers grow organs to unlock secrets of how cancer tumors grow

Using three-dimensional organ creation, Keck Medicine of University of Southern California (USC) researchers aim to discover clues to metastatic cancer growth by developing a first-ever integrated bioengineered/computational model of metastatic color cancer. …

Heinz-Josef Lenz, MD