Dr. Gnedeva’s laboratory interrogates how molecular signaling and tissue mechanics control embryonic sensory organ growth and how the developmental programs of self-renewal and differentiation can be re-initiated in the mammalian inner ear after damage. Although the focus is on hearing and balance restoration, the lab has broader interest in the common mechanisms that suppress regeneration in specialized sensory tissues.


Building an Incubator for Medicine of the 21st Century

Building an Incubator for Medicine of the 21st Century

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Ksenia Gnedeva (Photo by Chris Shinn)

Breaking the sound barrier: Ksenia Gnedeva’s transformative research on growth and regeneration in the inner ear sensory organs

Some children dream of growing up to be a ballerina or an astronaut, but Ksenia Gnedeva always knew she wanted to be a biologist. “I remember receiving a microscope for my sixth …

Rows of sensory hearing cells (green) next to supporting cells (red) in the inner ear of a mouse (Image by John Duc Nguyen and Juan Llamas/Segil Lab)

USC Stem Cell mouse studies tune into hearing regeneration

A deafened adult cannot recover the ability to hear, because the sensory hearing cells of the inner ear don’t regenerate after damage. In two new studies, partially funded by the National Institutes …

Ksenia Gnedeva, PhD