USC Science Film Competition

A still from the animation "Stem Cell Billy"
Image courtesy of "Stem Cell Billy"

Do you ever ask yourself life’s big questions: How can I become $3,000 richer? How can I break into the film industry? How can I impress Andy McMahon?

The answer is that you can achieve all this and more by entering the USC Science Film Competition.

Here’s how:

1. October 4, 2013, from 5–6:30 p.m.: This Friday, go eat the free pizza and meet USC film students at the Doheny Library Intellectual Commons (DML 233). To attend this meet-and-greet designed to connect USC film and science students, RSVP to Clifford Johnson at or like the event on Facebook (

2. October 16, 2013: Form a team with some film students and register for the competition.
3. February 15, 2014: Submit your short film or animation about stem cells, reprogramming, etc.

4. March 7, 2014: Attend the Screening Festival and Prizes Award Ceremony at the USC School of Cinematic Arts. Get rich — $3,000 for first prize, $2,000 for second prize and $1,000 for third prize.

Be sure to sign up on the blog to connect with potential teammates, like and follow Also, check out last year’s winning short films, including “Stem Cell Billy,” at

Remember, fortune rewards the bold, and Oscars have been won for lesser endeavors.

Mentioned in this article: Andrew P. McMahon, PhD, FRS