RSVP for 6/26 USC Public Symposium on a stem cell-based approach to treating age-related blindness

Eye treated for macular degeneration

A Public Symposium co-sponsored by USC Stem Cell and the Choi Family @ISSCCR 2019



*Spanish translation available.

6:30 p.m.

Registration and free food

7–8 p.m.

Andrew P. McMahon, USC: Welcome Remarks

Kevin McCormack, CIRM: The Role of CIRM and Public Support for Stem Cell Research

Mark S. Humayun, USC: Age-related Macular Degeneration, the Disease, the Technology and the Team

Dennis Clegg, University of California, Santa Barbara: From Stem Cells to RPE

David R. Hinton, USC: Preclinical Studies

Amir H. Kashani, USC: Clinical Trials

Joseph Gold, City of Hope: Manufacturing the Cells

Jane Lebkowski, Regenerative Patch Technologies: Preparation of Stem Cell Based Therapy for Commericalization

Anna Kuehl (Video): Patient Testimony

Panel Discussion: Q&A

Kevin McCormack, CIRM: Closing Remarks