USC Stem Cell scientists are advancing our understanding of how the body develops, maintains and repairs the kidney and urinary system. They are also developing new regenerative treatments for the millions of patients with kidney injury and disease, bladder injury and disease, and urinary incontinence.


  • One in 10 adults in the U.S.—more than 20 million people—are suffering from some degree of chronic kidney disease. Common causes include diabetes and high blood pressure.
  • 13 million people in the U.S. experience urinary incontinence, frequently as a result of childbirth.


Kidney and Urinary System News

The kidney contains macula densa cells, which orchestrate kidney regeneration.

To regenerate the kidney, please don’t pass the salt

USC study showing loss of salt and body fluid stimulates kidney regeneration in mice, suggests new therapeutic approach to chronic kidney disease. A loss of salt and body fluid can stimulate kidney …

Lab grown human nephron progenitor cells (Image by Biao Huang/Li Lab)

USC-led study introduces a new and improved way to grow the cells that give rise to the kidney’s filtration system

In a new study published in Cell Stem Cell, USC scientists report significant progress in cultivating nephron progenitor cells (NPCs), the cells destined to form the kidney’s filtration system, the nephrons. NPCs …

Charles (Chuck) Murry (Photo by Gavin Sisk/ University of Washington)

USC Stem Cell welcomes new leader, renowned physician-scientist Chuck Murry

Charles (Chuck) Murry, MD, PhD, has been appointed as the next head of USC Stem Cell. In that capacity, he will be the chair of the Department of Stem Cell Biology and …

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Dr. Nils Lindström's lab studies the molecular mechanisms that control how progenitors that exist during development differentiate into the broad range of cell types that underpin adult organ function. The lab integrates single-cell omic approaches with new microscopy and computational tools to understand how genetic changes cause abnormal differentiation in the kidney and model these genetic changes in the renal stem-cell derived organoid with the aim of identifying new treatments for kidney disease.
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