Janet Moradian-Oldak, PhD


Ostrow researcher makes strides in gel to regrow tooth enamel

Around the globe, dental cavities are the leading source of disability and pain: they affect 35 percent of the world’s population, with an economic impact in the hundreds of billions of dollars. Still, the methods for treating cavities generally involve pain, cost — and drills. Janet Moradian-Oldak, a professor at the Herman Ostrow School of …

Janet Moradian-Oldak Receives 2015 IADR Innovation in Oral Care Award

USC Stem Cell principal investigator Janet Moradian-Oldak has earned a 2015 IADR Innovation in Oral Care Award. The prestigious award, which can be worth up to $75,000 and lasts one year, was given to only three recipients—two of whom are professors at Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC. The other is Alireza Moshaverinia. It …

USC, UCLA and UCSF put their heads together to find stem cell-based cures for craniofacial defects

One in every 2,000 babies is born with a skull that can’t grow normally. Various sections of these babies’ skulls are fused together at joints called sutures, constricting the developing brain and disrupting vision, sleep, eating and IQ. For these young patients, risky skull-expanding surgeries become an almost annual event. Now, three leading universities for …

Janet Moradian-Oldak, PhD

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