Megan McCain

Megan McCain wears her heart on a chip

Video by Elizabeth Bayne Megan McCain first saw a real human heart her junior year of college. She held it in her hands – dark red, squishy, the size of a fist. Her first thought was: “Wow, look at the valves, these thin, delicate structures that have to open and close every second of our …

Megan McCain and colleagues make MIT list of 35 Innovators Under 35

The annual MIT Technology Review list of 35 Innovators Under 35 includes three USC Viterbi School of Engineering faculty members — including Megan McCain, principal investigator with USC Stem Cell. Professors McCain and Maryam Shanechi were honored for their work in the fields of biotechnology and medicine, while Professor George Ban-Weiss has been recognized as a …

Megan McCain, PhD

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